Taking Prismax out of this world with an unreal rebranding

In his seminal work On the Origin of Species, (we’re going somewhere with this, promise) Charles Darwin writes that those individuals most suited to their environment survive and reproduce. To survive, then, a species needs to be able to adapt. And those that can’t adapt… well, let’s just say there is a reason Darwin referred to a struggle for survival. After all, only the early bird gets the worm.

Prismax knew one thing: they wanted to be that early bird. So, it was time for a rebranding. But not just any rebranding. A rebranding that would transform how people thought about Prismax. To see them, not just as a provider of top-notch visual and motion graphics, but as Unreal Engine experts that will transform events and take them out of this world.

And to do that, they came to BBC. No pressure, right?

Chapter 1: Alright Prismax, who are you? Really?

Step one: figure out who Prismax is right now, and what they want to become.

Prismax has always been an expert in virtual production, but that field has evolved over the years. The digital world has changed, possibilities have expanded, and technology has progressed. And in that new context, the old Prismax branding felt limited. Outdated, even.

And worst of all, that branding clashed with who Prismax was internally. They were very aware of this changing landscape and had done exactly what they needed to do to evolve and stay on top of the industry. The problem was communicating that to the outside world.

And that’s where we come in. So time for workshops, brainstorming… And sometimes even daydreaming. Because that’s what Prismax does – dream. Or rather, they create visuals and graphics that take the ordinary and transform it into something more. To open up new possibilities. To take you out of this world.

Chapter 2: Now, let’s show the world.

Alright – baseline, set. Step two: make it a reality. For a company as versatile as Prismax, it didn’t seem right to box them in with a single colour, or even colour palette.

So, we came to the only conclusion you really can make about Prismax: let their work speak for itself. Because really, Prismax doesn’t need to tell you about their creations to convince you. They just need to show you.

Introducing: blendmode.

The idea is simple: Prismax creates stunning visual creations. So, let’s take a snapshot of every unique creation and boil it down to its essentials. Blur the image, make it all flow into each other et voila:  a vibrant landscape of colour. An unlimited supply of unique and tailor-made creations, stripped back and used as a thread throughout the entire branding.

So you immediately know: these guys are going to make something awesome – tailored to my needs, my brand, my audience. A completely unique creation, every time.

Chapter 3: Invitations, hand-delivered.

And then for the grand finale: a tour through Prismax’s brand-new virtual showroom. We weren’t about to tell Prismax how to do their own jobs, so we let them handle the virtual side. Go ahead guys, work your magic. Instead, we focused on creating a kick-ass DM invite.

The Prismax coin: a beautiful coin that carries within it Prismax’s digital guide Astra, brought to life in AR. Because there’s no reason a digital event can’t start offline.

And that’s pretty much the long and short of it. How we got to work together with a kick-ass client and create something creative, extravagant, and very daring.

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