From cacophony to symphony with Phoenix Contact Belgium

No child likes dictation tests. Especially not in Dutch. That’s because Dutch has words like ‘Accupoolconnectoren’, ‘apparatenbeveiligingsschakelaars’ en spanningsmeetwaardeomvormers’. And even if you speak Dutch, those are challenging words to pen down.

But for Phoenix Contact Belgium, these words, which translate to ‘battery terminal connectors’, ‘device circuit breakers’ and ‘voltage transducers’, are a small part of their portfolio of electrical components.

To support companies throughout their entire electrification journey, the electrification and automation expert launched its fully integrated solution.

The challenge? Reach a completely new target audience.

Maybe BBC could help with that?

One element there was a comprehensive content strategy to help position the company as thought leader of the energy transition. But on top of that, we also got to present the new service in a very special way.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s start at the beginning.

A complex question, with an equally complex answer

Phoenix Contact’s communication used to be mainly targeted at technicians with the necessary knowledge. Now, their targets are C-level decision-makers that may not be as familiar with a brand like Phoenix Contact.

 Enter content strategists.

  • How can I charge electrically with limited mains power?
  • How do I avoid unexpected costs due to the capacity tariff?
  • How do I start my company’s sustainability reporting?

All your questions about the energy transition, answered and bundled, accessible via one central hub.

We wanted to get these answers to the CEOs as quickly as possible. That meant not only sharing them on Phoenix Contact’s website, but also on the platform of De Tijd, Belgium’s number one business paper.

Message delivered – but we took the next step anyway

Because really, what Phoenix Contact does is make music.

A conductor analyses notes and sheet music. MINT analyses the data of your energy flows.

Bandleaders are in charge of evaluating their band’s capabilities. MINT evaluates the needs and availability of your energy network.

MINT composes sheet music that turns the existing chaos, the cacophony, into a balanced symphony.

Armed with that analogy and a healthy dose of daring, we made our way to the Belgian HQ in Zaventem.

“General Manager Steven Criel immediately fell in love with our concept and gave our creative team the room they needed to explore the idea to its fullest. You can’t put a price on that freedom. That is how we achieve our best results.”

Ward Vermeir, Client Lead at BBC

Where words fail, music triumphs

‘From cacophony to symphony’ has a nice ring to it. No really, it had a nice ring to it. A message like that deserves to be turned into reality.

Coincidence or not, the company happened to be celebrating its 100-years existence. The perfect opportunity to let existing, new and potential customers experience the Integrated Energy Management anthem for themselves.

So, accompanied by a live symphony orchestra, the general public met the power of AI-driven energy management. How chaos turns to order. How cacophony becomes symphony.

We handled the event branding, from design to communication, Phoenix Contact handled the expertise, from energy transition to solution.

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