B2B lead generation with the Tempo-Team RED Report: numerical creativity

Employment market research arrives at your desk in dry percentages. You end up with a practical document that helps HR professionals and nurtures leads for Tempo-Team. Yep. True case of making a difference with creative B2B marketing.

Give your audience a face and a pulse

Better even. This is pure B2B content marketing. The trick? Put yourself in place of the person that has to read your numbers. Give your audience a face and a pulse. Know what keeps them awake at night.

So who exactly is our audience?
What makes them tick?

Our research has shown that they are mainly company owners who also take care of HR, along with HR professionals who tend to be stretched. In SMEs with urgent recruitment needs. Small HR teams that could use a hand, mainly concerned and overloaded with operational issues, knowing they should be working on a longer term HR management strategy, but simply can’t find the time.

Tempo-Team to the rescue!

Claiming your spot in an ocean of HR content

This brave HR and C-level population, Tempo-Team knows, has plenty of high-level strategic content thrown at them, thank you. Useful, of course, but they would take years to implement.

Apart from quality temps they could use some highly practical insights as well, to make that difference right here, right now.

Exactly the crux of the B2B content strategy for the Tempo-Team blog: pragmatic HR, insights that can be applied now, documents to download… Unlike any other player in the field.

Like checklists for remote working, quick wins for office design, sharpening internal communication, onboarding tips, how to detect chronic stress, getting the most out of job interviews…

That is how we set out to help. But always near Tempo-Team’s core: people, talent, recruitment, retention.

Yearly RED report has pragmatic answers

We include these in the RED Report, Tempo-Team’s yearly state of the Belgian workplace.

Because, what would the well-known RED Report with fresh numbers about employer and employee experiences be without answers to the challenges at hand?

Keeping in mind our ever so busy HR professionals, our RED Report now:

  • focuses on one clear topic
    to come to one clear storyline
  • is built of short, to-the-point chapters
    with text than can be scanned and ready easily
  • rounds up every chapter with an infographic
    great time saver for our audience!
  • offers both insights and practical answers
    with links to the Tempo-Team blog
  • has pages for personal notes
    to turn it into a helping, practical document you want to keep with you

All on brand, of course

If it’s not on brand, it can’t be right. When Tempo-Team revamped their brand positioning with more fun, creativity, spontaneity and positivity added, we made sure the RED Report matched.

In the revamped tone of voice, design, pictures, infographics and colours the renewed brand comes to life. Which makes this unique spot in the ocean of content stand out even more.

Creative Click: our secret ingredient

The BBC team for Tempo-Team is quite impressive: marketeers, project managers, content strategists, translators – oh yeah, this is bilingual, French and Dutch – copywriters, PR agency, journalist, art directors, graphic designers and illustrators.

Wait, there is a performance team involved as well, to make lead nurturing and generation happen through an online campaign that generates traffic. From impression to conversion, all thanks to a solid B2B content strategy.

Well-oiled machine? Understatement.
You haven’t seen the timing and deadlines yet.

But the only reason this machine can run on turbo like that is that click between Tempo-Team and us. For years we have been enjoying that now. Such a pleasure to work together.

It shows. In results, in feedback.

How about some numerical creativity?

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