Smooth sailing with DEME’s annual reports. Welcome aboard!

Those responsible for the annual report: we salute you.

Year after year, this report causes stress, sleepless nights, and endless documents ending with _review20_V72_Final_final2_ (V2). A lot of hassle. While things could be easier.

DEME opted for peace of mind and therefore for BBC as a partner to provide their annual reporting.

Our first assignment for DEME was immediately one with a big “Yihaa!” written all over it. Not only their activity report – but also their sustainability report and financial information document eventually got the BBC finishing touch.

We take care of the lay-out, so you can lay back

Is your annual report in need of a makeover? Leave it to us.

That looks sometimes do matter, DEME knew all too well. Our graphic team provided an up-to-date look for their reports. DEME provided copy and images. We did the rest. The BBC team responsible for DEME, consisting of John, Mieke and Pascal, brought color to the story through eye-catching graphics and a clear layout.

Great with numbers, but not so much with language? No worries. We have a team of creative copywriters who turn the most sober data into a juicy text that is digestible for any reader.

“If all customers prepared their projects as well as DEME, the world would look a little more beautiful.“

Mieke, Account Specialist at BBC

The annual report is standard. But did you also think about your integrated report?

What?! Another thing to worry about ?! No, but an interesting kind of annual report where the focus is entirely on the value that you as a company add to the world.

Read all about it in our Club Curiosity article ‘An Integrated Report, because you’re worth it‘.

Don’t worry about a thing – so shoot!

‘Cause every little thing is going to be allright. Need some last-minute adjustments? We don’t even break a sweat.

For DEME we were able to add a completely new intro to the activity report a few days before the deadline. This flexibility is classic BBC and an asset we’re extremely proud of.

It takes two to tango & a team to provide such a beautiful annual report

Even the control freak in you – who shudders at the thought of handing over such a big task – has nothing to fear. We are in constant communication with our client and can thus react quickly and make corrections efficiently.

Even within our own team, a document does not leave our mailbox without 2 pairs of eyes having gone through it. An eye for detail? No no. Eyes for detail!

These reports – with flexibility, communication and creativity in them – are currently shining on the DEME website.

As you can see, there was no better way to start a new customer relationship.

Ready to leave your annual report stress behind you?

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