Bringing Spartacus to life

For a company like DEME, you have to think big. And whatever you’re thinking right now, it’s not big enough. That’s why we went above and beyond for the launch of Spartacus, the world’s most powerful cutter suction dredger. A vessel that requires a new angle. Literally.

DEME is in the business of changing the world. They create new land and expand ports for trade, they build sustainable infrastructure both on land and at sea, they remediate polluted land and give it a new purpose.

Those amazing feats are largely accomplished by DEME’s fleet of powerful vessels. And now also by Spartacus: the biggest and most powerful dredger of its kind sailing the seas.

We figured a big welcome was in order.

Digging deeper

Spartacus is a self-propelled cutter suction dredger. It has a massive cutterhead that easily removes tonnes of the hardest rock and soil, which are then sucked up and pumped away.

But from above the waves, you don’t see any of this groundbreaking magic. And when talking about a vessel as impressive and powerful, that just wouldn’t stand. Descriptions alone cannot convey the magnitude of Spartacus. It has to be seen, felt, experienced.

The power of 3D visuals

Our 3D wizards helped DEME shape that magnitude, showcasing that Spartacus was made to break boundaries. Both above and – most importantly – below the water, they meticulously recreated the vessel in all her glory. An identical digital twin, with detailed 3D visuals of every nook and cranny, so everyone can truly appreciate the power and ingenuity of Spartacus.

The real power of 3D? That’s in the versatility of the model. Once you have that, you can do anything you want, examine every camera angle and completely customize the image. All with the greatest of ease, impossible to reach with actual photography.

And afterwards you can use the model as much as you want. Video? Check. Brochure? Check. Exciting future opportunity? Hell yeah!

Using 3D images for a project like Spartacus just makes sense. It gives us the room to properly explore the vessel and play with the camera to find what works best. Without that freedom, Spartacus would never have gotten the campaign it deserved.

Joachim Wasteels, Art Director Digital Arts

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