AG Real Estate, MAKE ‘a strong employer brand’ HAPPEN

Not AG Insurance, but AG Real Estate asked us to take a look at their employer branding. AG Real Estate is, as the name suggests, the real estate group of AG Insurance and a subsidiary of international insurer Ageas. And they had a rather specific challenge in mind.


“How might we… develop a unique employer brand, carried by our colleagues? An identity that runs through all our communication and results in a high-volume, high-quality influx?”


Because, make no mistake, working for AG Real Estate is a lot more than ‘fiddling with bricks.’ Every job here has a lot of impact on society.

A strong Employee Value Proposition, built on a foundation of solid strategy

Who are the employees of AG Real Estate? What goes on behind their doors? What is their biggest motivator? We learned all that and more during the EVP workshop. The perfect time to turn the organisation inside out. In collaboration with the communication team, the HR department and management, we sketched out the concrete goals of their employer branding.

And of course, we went a step further. During a whole host of interviews, we let their colleagues tell their own stories. Talent from all over the company, from all across the gender or age spectrum… They all got their time in the spotlight.Authenticity, that’s what we’re aiming for here!

So, what’s the result of all of that? A confident EVP statement built on 3 EVP pillars.

At AG Real Estate, you have everything you need to make an impact. On the city, and on the people who live and work there.If you have the skills, personality and will to realise something great, the possibilities are endless. You only have to take them.


We define 4 personas. These are descriptions of the 4 types of colleagues you might run into at AG Real Estate. From ‘Curious Chloe’ to ‘Passionate Patrick’, they help us target our communication during the recruitment process.

A creative concept with endless possibilities.


That little dash between ‘Make’ and ‘Happen’? There’s potential in that. No, literally. You can replace it with anything you like: ‘dreams of the future’, ‘a hassle-free delivery’, ‘a job you love’, ‘a smile’. Everything and anything that working at AG Real Estate means.

With fresh colours, reminiscent of the existing colour palette, we create an eye-catching, energetic design. Photography that highlights AG Real Estate colleagues and clients shows the human impact of their work.

Everything is bundled in a clear and convenient Brand Book.

And tone of voice? A handy user manual takes care of that! How does AG Real Estate, the Employer, sound? Trustworthy and passionate. With lots of enthusiasm and know-how that inspires. All of that and more, bundled in a Verbal Brand Book.

A comprehensive EVP on the job site

To attract the right talent, we created a brand-new job site.

AG Real Estate already had an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) in use. Based on our website structure and design, we squeezed in a few extra fields. That way, the HR-folks can keep working in their familiar system. Just with a new coat of paint!

The site exudes the new concept and tone of voice.

Built on a foundation of the EVP pillars, designed to tell the AG Real Estate story.
With copy that triggers and lets the benefits speak for themselves.
With clear navigation, so you always find exactly what you’re looking for.
A job site as it should be.

We’re over the moon to have worked with AG Real Estate on this exciting project. We’re over the moon to have made this exciting project happen (wink)!

A strong employer branding to attract the perfect candidates?

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