3D visualisation to create a blasting impression for Thermo King

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BBC won the 2020 Award for Best Design at E3 International Agency Network‘s Best of International awards for the launch of Thermo King’s new cooling unit: Advancer! Read, see and feel more about our work at the bottom of this page. (But don’t just skip the rest, it’s too good – trust us.)

Business to business? Well, no… you’re better off talking human to human. Grab your audience’s attention with stunning 3D visuals and your product portfolio will shine.

A guaranteed success, on one condition: a strong collaboration between your B2B organisation and the marketing agency, between technical experts and 3D creatives. Between Thermo King and BBC.

How can we enthuse transporters about (new) Thermo King refrigerating units?

Positioning an innovative leasing offer

There are no limits in the realm of 3D: you can be underwater, on top of a mountain or in the middle of a forest. That means you can showcase your products in an environment that truly brings them to life. Such creative world-building also helps you convey an extra message.

Take premier+, Thermo King’s integrated leasing formula. By packaging it in an extraordinary box, transporters immediately understand the practicality of the offer.

And oh yes, we fully printed the box with 3D visuals to make the benefits of the offer more tangible. Watch closely and you’ll see a splendid sticker appear, highlighting the Thermo King Dealer Network:

Bringing transparency to Thermo King units

Consider ‘pink chocolate’. You can immediately visualise it, right? When talking about products with a higher technical complexity though, that can be a challenge.

Let’s have a look at E-200, a full-electric transport refrigeration unit. How does it work? This animated 3D-showpad experience will show you:

Chances are your target audience – similar to Thermo King’s – is truly interested in the way your products work. 3D visualisation enables you to magically remove the outer layer of your product, so you can take viewers inside your product.

This offers various benefits:

  • Simplicity
    as 3D images can often be created from existing CAD models
  • Dynamism
    because you can animate moving parts
  • Information
    as each part plays its role, it helps enhance the benefits of your overall product

Thermo King kick-starts the future of the cold chain

If you’re launching a new product – a product that will change your industry forever – you want it to launch with a big bang. That’s why we made this teaser video for Thermo King, including 3D computer graphics, video footage and a clever mix of both:

As you can see, contemporary 3D visualisation can look really real. This is thanks to improved 3D design software and rendering engines. Our 3D Artist Joachim is happy to tell you the whole story.

A full B2B rebranding grounded in 3D

Do you need a fresh visual for one of your products to appear on a new web page or flyer? With 3D, you rule out the risk of bad weather photography, a stained camera lens or costly rounds of amends.

That’s why rebranding FRIGOBLOCK required 3D visualisation. FRIGOBLOCK is Thermo King’s sister brand, a smaller company with no large teams or budgets allowing to organise multiple video shoots.

3D visualisation offered a solution that’s worth the watch:

What caught your eye?

If we did our job right, the visual should convey the following about FRIGOBLOCK:

  • they develop electric transport cooling tech
  • deliver craftsmanship and quality
  • communicate with consistency and style
  • produce refrigeration units, not trucks

And… we could not have demonstrated this without the use of 3D.

Does your product deserve a standing ovation

Your clients, your colleagues, yourself. Each passionate member of the B2B community will be proud of their company, their work and their materials. Using 3D gives you the chance to transfer this passion to the rest of the industry. Then, what comes next?


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