Generating leads before the main event?

Lead generation with label press business before a major event? Digital label press specialist Xeikon transforms its first proposal online and makes it personal

A matter of transformation

Getting people to visit your booth at the world’s main label event as well-known digital label press specialist? Sure. But generating leads you can talk to with a decent talking point on the table?

Make that more than a talking point: a set-up that matches your label printing business and your plans. A personal proposal you can refine, discuss. One that has made your prospect to consider you before that first meeting at the fair.

Digital transformation

As trendsetter in digital printing technology with a challenging brand? That claims you can stay ahead and be more agile thanks to digital? Will enable you to transform your business?

Right. You digitize.

With the cats at Xeikon we have developed on online platform that makes that claim happen: generating a personalized proposal based on specific goals and preferences.

“Roll out!”

Personal proposal? Easier said than done. This is a world where only detailed, specific set-ups and Xeikon’s personal approach manage to convince headstrong label printing business owners.

So how can you translate that experience online? With a campaign website that:

  • starts with a personal video welcome and outro
    by the Xeikon label specialist everyone knows
  • manages expectations and guides you step-by-step
    types of questions, info requested, what you’ll get
  • is customer-focused
    relevant, surprising and challenges questions and parameters
  • generates a personalized proposal
    as PDF in your inbox after you have given some data

Curious? Experience it first hand

Making technology help you (not the other way around)

The document should be more than tech & specs, of course. They’re in there, sure, because that is what label printing specialists and label press freaks want to see.

But they’re presented in such a way that their added value becomes clear at production level as well as business level: digital workflow, learning curve, short runs, diversification, efficiency, quality and speed…

And that Xeikon touch? The document addresses you personally, includes a photorealistic shot of your complete set-up and a mock-up of the label type you are aiming for – with a nod to the Xeikon cheetah tech.

The brand remains its brilliant self

Visuals, art direction, tone of voice: 100% Xeikon, naturally. Making a strong brand come to life is such fun job.

Campaign image? A digital press that transforms itself into a digital cheetah, made of the press’ components, the Xeikon label flagship technology. Nice job, you guys at the BBC 3D and CG team.

The overall tone is direct, playful, challenging and personal, like Xeikon is in real-life. As if you’re already meeting them.


Before the event a 3-figure number of requests and leads. And still rolling in long after the event.

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