Creating a new brand identity for Bluecrux

“We want to get ready for the next ten years.” Bluecrux CEO Koen Jaspers certainly knows how to bring a challenge. As the head of a leading supply-chain consultancy and technology provider, he relied on BBC to come up with a whole new brand identity. Luckily, there’s nothing we love more than a good challenge. So, let’s consult with the consultants.

First things first: what does Bluecrux actually do? In a word (or three), ‘value chain consulting’. They optimize the flow of stuff coming into a factory, through to the actual production, right until the delivery of products towards end customers. By connecting all players and looking for big-picture improvements, Bluecrux turns supply chains into value chains.

But even for those familiar with companies like Bluecrux, choosing which consultancy will be the right fit for your company’s needs can be challenging. And when creating a brand identity, it’s important to get right to the heart of the matter. Why should I choose your company? What makes you unique?

To that end, we delivered

The X became a crucial part of Bluecrux new brand identity

What makes Bluecrux unique

To find out what makes Bluecrux tick, we organised a BBC Sprint, including several brand identity workshops. We wanted to dive deep into the company and discover what they needed. And as it turns out that’s exactly how Bluecrux approach their own clients. We discovered firsthand that they’re not your typical consultants!

With Bluecrux, it’s not about high-brow talks in high-cost meeting rooms, baffling PowerPoints, or vague, copy-paste advice. In that way, they’re a bit like us (not to toot our own horn, of course). They have a laser focus, embedding themselves into the company, and digging until they’ve found out exactly what their client needs.

The new Bluecrux brand identity

How do we tell that story?

Thanks to that laser focus, Bluecrux gets right to the heart of the problem. They respond with purpose-built solutions, offering a unique combination of expertise and technology. It’s a coming-together of elements that only Bluecrux can provide. And it’s where true value is created.

The new Bluecrux brand portfolio

Perfectly tying together strategy and visual: the X. We used it as an anchor for the entire rebrand – from the logo to the slogan to the visual elements. (Before Elon, by the way)

Combining the striking Cutting X visual with up-close and personal photography, these images illustrate Bluecrux’s laser focus and help convey the intersection of technology and expertise the consultancy offers.

Check out how this strategy came to life on Bluecrux’s website!

The sound of connection

Did you hear something? That’s right, for Bluecrux’s rebrand, we didn’t just give them a visual makeover – we gave them an auditory update.

We made Bluecrux their – and ours – first-ever sound logo. A modern, auditory representation of the Bluecrux promise. The Cutting X, translated into sound. Take a listen below.

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