A creative approach
to Account-Based Marketing

Today, being relevant isn’t enough. If you really want to capture key accounts, you have to be creative, memorable and highly effective.

With Account-Based Marketing (ABM) you can turn everyday interactions with accounts into highly engaging opportunities. A personalized strategy to leave a lasting impression, aligning sales and marketing along the way.

That’s not just clever marketing, that’s good business sense!

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What is Account-Based Marketing?

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is a personalized journey tailored to engage specific target accounts with meaningful interactions. In this strategy, you focus your marketing and sales resources on potential accounts that promise the highest ROI, ensuring a more efficient and effective approach to B2B marketing.

Account-Based Marketing benefits

ABM is ideal for B2B companies looking to boost ROI, enhance customer relationships, and streamline their marketing efforts. Whether you’re a startup aiming to make a mark or an established corporation seeking to optimize marketing and sales resources, ABM can be tailored to meet your business objectives by focusing on high-value client interactions.

Why we love Account-Based Marketing

Creativity in ABM campaigns delivers remarkable results. As a B2B agency, we’ve seen firsthand how targeted strategies transform marketing and sales efforts, creating a synergy that attracts and retains key accounts.

Account-Based Marketing assets to captivate your audience

Our ABM toolkit is designed to impress. Customized content, innovative digital experiences, and data-driven insights make your brand resonate deeply with your target accounts. With our assets, there’s no doubt you’ll stand out.

Enough talk.

Let’s take a look at some examples from
our previous ABM campaigns!

How we turned Mondeléz into a key account

A clear core message and three USPs. That’s all we needed to turn the relationship between packaging supplier DS Smith and confectionery giant Mondeléz to new heights. We provided the DS Smith sales team with 14 mini-campaigns that they could use in the course of 6 months. Here are the three most valuable ABM learnings of our campaign.

#1 Talk to the right people

DS Smith’s sales team was talking to all key decision-makers, except for the ones who really make a difference. We connected them with brand owners, creating opportunities for higher-margin projects.

#2 Send out a strong message

We helped DS Smith establish itself as an innovative partner for Mondeléz, strengthened by an interview with internal stakeholders.

#3 Use a creative approach to ABM

We launched a newsletter about the collaboration between DS Smith and Mondeléz, supporting their expansion to the US.

Discover our entire Account-Based Marketing campaign for DS Smith

Frequently asked questions about ABM

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  • How do I start with Account-Based Marketing?
    Starting ABM involves several steps. Begin with a pilot to test ABM on a small scale. This helps you check whether ABM fits your organization, and if you can scale it​​.

    • Define your target accounts and objectives, ensuring they align with your business culture and strategic ambitions​​.
    • Conduct thorough research to map current relationships and fill data gaps.
    • Create an ABM playbook that outlines the campaign concept, messaging and strategy.
    • Roll out the initiatives planned in the playbook, adjust according to new insights, report and scale based on the pilot's results​​.
  • What are the costs associated with implementing ABM?
    Compared to traditional marketing, ABM’s personalized approach might seem more expensive. Costs include technology and software, training, as well as potentially higher content creation and management expenses. Your budget should account for these factors, focusing on the strategic value of deeper account engagement and potential high ROI​​.

    Our advice? Don’t immediately invest in expensive tech stack solutions. Start small and use common sense, combined with an experienced partner or agency. As your company explores the commercial benefits of ABM, you can decide to scale up and invest accordingly.
  • How do I measure the ROI of ABM?
    It’s important to measure both the qualitative and the quantitative impact of ABM initiatives to understand their full value. ROI in ABM is typically assessed through metrics such as engagement rates, conversion rates, customer lifetime value, and revenue growth from targeted accounts.
  • What tools and technologies are best for ABM?
    We have often started pilot projects with nothing more than CRM data, LinkedIn accounts (Sales Navigator), and a lot of common sense. However, effectively scaling ABM requires tools for customer relationship management (CRM), marketing automation, data analytics, and account intelligence platforms. These tools help in targeting, engaging, and tracking the behavior and preferences of key accounts.
  • How do I choose the right Account-Based Marketing agency?
    When selecting an ABM agency, make sure that they align with your strategic goals and can demonstrate clear success stories. Consider their experience with similar accounts, their ability to innovate and create personalized campaigns, and their track record in terms of ROI for their clients.
  • What are the main benefits and challenges of Account-Based Marketing?
    Benefits include improved alignment between marketing and sales, more personalized marketing efforts, and higher ROI. Challenges may include the need for greater investment in technology, the complexity of implementing personalized campaigns at scale, and the requirement for close coordination across departments.
  • How can I develop a robust ABM strategy?
    Developing a robust ABM strategy involves understanding your target accounts deeply, aligning your marketing and sales teams, creating personalized engagement plans, and continuously measuring and optimizing based on performance data.
  • What are the legal considerations in ABM regarding privacy and data compliance?
    ABM must comply with regulations such as GDPR, which involves respecting privacy laws when collecting and using data for targeting and personalisation. This includes obtaining necessary consent and maintaining transparency about data usage.
  • How is digital marketing integrated into ABM strategies?
    Digital marketing plays a crucial role in ABM by providing tools and platforms for detailed targeting, real-time engagement, and content personalisation. Social media, content marketing, and digital ads are commonly used to engage with target accounts.
  • Who should be involved in an ABM program within a company?
    An ABM program typically involves sales managers, marketing professionals, and C-suite executives. It requires a collaborative effort across these roles to ensure alignment and focus on target accounts.
  • How does ABM differ from traditional key account marketing?
    Unlike traditional key account marketing - often focusing on maintaining existing relationships through broad strategies - ABM uses personalized marketing efforts designed to engage each account with their own specific needs and preferences.
  • What educational resources are available for learning ABM?
    Educational resources for ABM include online courses, certifications, training programs, and industry-specific guides that cover strategies, tools, and best practices for implementing ABM. You can find such resources at the bottom of this page.
  • How does ABM help in building and maintaining customer relationships?
    ABM helps create long-term engagements and personalized client relationships by allowing marketers to focus on the specific needs and preferences of target accounts. This strategic approach leads to improved customer retention and loyalty. It ensures that marketing efforts are highly relevant and tailored, enhancing the customer experience, and driving engagement and value over time.

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Creativity lies at the heart of our ABM approach. Our team of creative experts sets up inspiring campaigns that not only capture attention but also inspire action. Our ability to innovate and think outside the box makes us the ideal partner for businesses who want to make an impact with ABM.

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Witness the power of our ABM strategies in our case studies. From increasing engagement rates to driving sales, our case studies showcase the tangible benefits of our targeted ABM campaigns, illustrating our success in transforming marketing and sales for our clients.

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