Nobody likes to spend time creating stuff that won’t work. That’s why we put extra care in the first strategic steps of any project we do. Not only does this make sure that our creative teams start out on the right track, it also sets up our project for the best possible results. How do we tackle strategy over at BBC?

We don’t take one approach

Just like your goals, our strategies come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on what you’re trying to achieve, we’ll develop either

  • Brand strategy
    How should our brand be perceived by the market? How can we create a unique story in presenting the value we bring?
  • Content strategy
    How do we translate our identity and activities to pieces of content people will actually care about? And how do we make engagement turn to sales?
  • Social strategy
    How should we grasp the opportunities of increased exposure on social? How should people perceive us? What do we tell them and how does it lead to results?
  • And many others
    Lead generation strategy, inbound strategy, communication strategy in general, event strategy…

Whichever strategy we set to implement, they all revolve around the same communication principles: authenticity or sticking to your purpose, consistency, clarity, and making sure it all leads up to something.

By adhering to those principles, we aim to stand out in any strategic approach. It’s how we prevent us from doing stuff that won’t work.

We make things simple

At BBC, we ask questions. Many, many questions. We challenge your questions and question your answers. Not to make things more difficult, but simpler.

It’s about letting go of the details, finding simplicity in the complex. To draw a clear, bigger picture that answers the profoundest of questions:

  • What are we really trying to achieve and what’s holding us back?
  • How would we describe ourselves in one word? How about in 10, 100?
  • What makes us indispensable in the market?
  • Which discrete actions do we need to take to move forward?

We want to know what you think

It takes two to tango, that’s why we don’t look at strategy as a one man show.

Rather, we want to know what you think, we want to be challenged by your bright mind to turn our guiding principles into something better.

If we can ask a lot of questions, it’s only fair you can too.

So, what are you waiting for? Start asking now.

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