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Making the best buyer experience win. Together.
As a marketer, you bring in the leads. You nurture and engage with them until it’s time to get the sales team involved. But what happens afterwards? How do your colleagues use the sales material you give them? Is it working? Is it actually being used? With BBC and Showpad, you’ll streamline your sales content for efficiency and effect.

Create experiences
with content that sells

The best salespeople instinctively know what they should be talking about. But that doesn’t mean we can’t make things easier for them. Starting from your customer, we flesh out the benefits and arguments that resonate best with their situation, fitting them in a guided selling pitch.

What’s more, Showpad allows you to create your own manageable templates and sales stories. Our multidisciplinary team can help you generate more impact, create rich content and help streamline important conversations with decision-makers throughout the buyer journey.

Get the data,
get aligned

Today’s decisions are driven by data. As a marketer, it’s more important than ever to know which content is working and what’s not. With Showpad’s comprehensive tracking capabilities, you’ll have an immediate answer to your most pressing questions:

  • Which content is being used (most) by my sales staff?
  • What content is the customer looking at?
  • How does (s)he interact with it?
  • Which content effectively leads to a sale?
Having this kind of data at your disposal will make sure you and the sales team are facing the same direction. With the sale as the end goal, you can both uncover which content gets you furthest as a team.

Learn. Test.
Pitch. Result.

Thanks to Showpad's acquisition of Learncore, we can now close the loop and deliver the best possible buyer experience. We help you setup your sales training with interactive & educational content: fun to use and fully trackable for optimal results.

At BBC, we never forget the human element. That's why we would love to help you reach a high adoption-rate within your sales teams.

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