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The arrival of GDPR has forced us to look for new ways of reaching our customers. Of course, if you have an email list, that was entirely obtained by a full opt-in, GDPR might not affect you as much. Still, you may want to alternate the standard newsletter that contains yet another blog article or video with a new way of spreading your message.

Getting the right message to the right person

At BBC we create content strategies that help our B2B customers reach their ideal customers with the right message over the right platform (videos, infographics, blog posts, …) at the right time. And we do this every day, so we like to think we’re pretty good at it. However, as much as we love our jobs, it can be a real challenge sometimes.

How we tackle this challenge? We create a good traffic plan to complement our content strategy. Of course, we write all our copy for optimal SEO results, but SEO takes time. Therefore, we need other inbound ways of getting the right message to the right person at the right time. That’s why we believe it’s important to have a good traffic plan in place to promote all the interesting content we create.

New technologies to the rescue

Luckily for us, technology is on our side. BBC partners with some great technology companies that help us by generating new ideas, possibilities, data, etc. We get invitations to try new tools on a daily basis. We analyze each and every one of them and set up calls with the companies we believe might be interesting for our clients. However, only a relevant few make it to the end because although we want to be supported by technology, we don’t want to be defined by it. And the relationships we build with these partners are very important to us and to our customers.

That’s why we’re very proud to announce our newest technology partner: Sigstr. Sigstr gives you the opportunity to manage the email signatures of all employees in your company. That way, you can mobilize your own employees as promotors of your content. When you combine this opportunity with the detailed data you get from their dashboards and the integration possibilities with tools such as Hubspot, you have the perfect add-on for any traffic approach. That is how something as simple as an email signature becomes a powerful part of any communication plan.

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