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A scene from our collective memories: PJ and Louis in the BBC office talking about Showpad’s positioning and mission with our colleagues Dieter & Anton. Back then, Showpad had a dozen employees and were working really hard on building Showpad, the renowned sales enablement tool – exclusively for iPad at the time.

In the end, it was a truly inspiring afternoon. We discovered their incredible drive and ambition to be the best sales enablement platform in B2B.

We didn’t need much convincing to partner with Showpad from the start.

Better, faster, stronger

Since Showpad acquired Hickup, our partnership grew at a tremendous rate. Thanks to the introduction of experiences, we suddenly had the tools to help our customers tell their story in a seamless sales experience.

In other words, we could integrate the work we already did for our clients and, thus, help our clients get the most out of the sales enablement tool.

A warm welcome in Florida

When Showpad asked us to speak at its first ever internal event, we were enthusiastic. When we arrived in Fort Lauderdale and met all the Showpad employees, we were ecstatic. 

Meeting the people behind the platform at Launchpad 18 wasn’t just fun, it allowed us to share ideas and inspire each other to create even newer opportunities. Besides, hearing the customers explaining why they are fans of the platform and how they use it was eye-opening.

Present in the partner panel along with Deloitte Digital, Apple and Salesforce was a great opportunity for BBC. Together, we talked about digital transformation, and how it can help B2B companies optimize their marketing & sales efforts.

Presenting: Pathways

A linear conversation is not a real conversation: BBC’s Showpad-philosophy is based on humanising and personalising the sales pitch.

That’s why we created Pathways by BBC, a strategy that helps companies put their core-value at the center of the pitch. We also make sure Showpad guides the conversation in a natural way that shows the right information to the right person at the right time.

Much, much more to come

Today, we’re working with Showpad to keep developing our partnership. Bi-weekly meetings, calls with the product teams, working with sales to clarify the value and potential of the platform – it’s a pleasure to work with such ambitious and motivated people.

Would you like to know how BBC can help you build remarkable experiences in Showpad?
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