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“When we started out with Hubspot, it was the ability to attract customers with content that was the ‘black hole’ in the market. Today, it’s the ability to delight with great experiences.”

It was an off-hand remark by Hubspot co-founder Dharmesh Shah during his Keynote. But to me, it was the most telltale sign of a dramatic shift in where inbound marketing is going.

A shift from content to experience.

Or not a shift maybe, but rather a rebalancing. Dharmesh himself was gracious enough to tell us that 20% of their content was responsible for 93% of their leads through that medium. You might call that a good number, but couldn’t the effort going into that other 80% have been put to good use somewhere else? The answer was yes, you need to invest it in experience.

Already now, customer experience is shaping up to be the strategic trend of Inbound 2017. Why? Because it touches on a majority of the presentations here.

We already told you about the growing importance of Messenger for B2B marketing. In his keynote today, Dharmesh said the exact same things:

  • Use instant messaging to help your customers wherever they want
  • Use bots in those apps to help customers whenever they want
    (note: in this light, Hubspot just acquired an AI called
  • And, as a bonus he added the ability to help your customers with whatever they want.

Experience = more, happier customers

The shift is backed by Hubspot’s own numbers. While a closed content form on a landing page lead to a sale in only 0,7% of the cases, an appointment booked through a meeting app raised that up to 12%, and a conversation through instant messaging to a whopping 20% of outreaches leading to an eventual sale.

On the other hand, with peer experiences being the single most important factor in a B2B buying decisions, your happy customers will also be bringing in other customers themselves.

Hubspot’s banking on experience with new features

Of course, Hubspot wouldn’t be the marketing behemoth it is now if it didn’t already tap into this new direction. That’s why Dharmesh cleverly announced a host of new features during his keynote, allowing marketers to create better experiences for their customers.


What those are? Keep following our page to be the first to know!


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