Saturday, 1 June 2019 - 3 minute read

4 kicks, to be more exact

HR and recruitment are in the business of failing to attract great talent if they don’t start thinking and acting like any strong brand does today.

There, we said it.

But it’s high time we stopped wondering why our occasional job postings don’t work anymore.

Here’s why.

You’re used to watching Netflix at home, ordering clothing through a fashion brand’s webshop, checking custom news feeds on your smartphone; you’re laughing out loud at a cute cat pic a friend posted on Instagram…

But have you started imagining yet how you could make these triggers work for your own recruitment process?

We see 4 major drivers here. 4 reasons to catch up with the new normal. 4 kicks in the butt for HR and recruitment.

  • Storytelling
  • Distribution
  • Convenience
  • Customer/candidate-centricity


“But we’re a nice company to work for”

But have you told candidates yet? When? How? Have you clearly defined your employee value proposition? Have you outlined your story, and how you will publish and repeat it in your channels, on your jobsite - in endless creativity?

What is your ‘Just do it’?

Your employer brand is your story. It’s at the heart of every message at every touchpoint with candidates and employees.

“But we’re on Facebook”

Any major newspaper will tell you that, in order to survive and catch someone’s attention, you need to be there whenever they need you.

So not just when they are looking for a job. Before that, when they are considering switching jobs. Or even before that, when they don’t know yet they could to better someplace else - at your company, for example.

That affects the stories you’re sharing on Facebook.

Your employer brand will be highly effective when its distribution strategy is matching your candidates’ mindset.

“It’s our HR software”

Soulless; lengthy forms, way too many fields, buttons that are way too small to click on on a smartphone. And we did not even mention the job description itself: too long, not that exciting, not written for mobile devices.

If we turn to the apps we love so much because they’re so convenient, applying at your company should be a breeze too.

Your jobsite should work on any mobile device, and how well our jobsite works, shapes our candidates’ experience too.

“But we’re a nice company to work for” - bis

The only way to let candidates know exactly that is to think your recruitment process through by imagining you’re the candidate. Re-shape how you connect to talent.

Be the Coolblue of HR and recruitment. Be there for them; convey your story in terms of what’s in it for them. Make it as easy as possible on all levels; that goes for how your website works, and how applying works too.

Any good employer brand thinks ‘candidate first’ at every touchpoint.

And, by the way, they aren’t ‘points’. They’re your opportunities.

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