Tuesday, 3 October 2017 - 2 minute read

Under pressure

With a clear, concise brief from Atlas Copco Rental to launch their brand new PTS800 compressor, we were able to put all our energy into coming up with a surprising creative concept.

a b2b product launch needs a creative approach

Our mission, though, was not that easy. Launch a new oil-free compressor, the PTS800, in a pressure range that was not available up till then. Plus: don’t push out the other existing models. Let the world know there is a compressor available now that, finally, addresses the missing pressure range, but remind them of the complete range. Highlight the benefits of oil-free air too along the way, and make sure we can use your concept for our internal launch.

Sounds like a typical b2b challenge. One we love to tackling with creativity.


band of brothers

Humor works. And when people at the table smile when they see a concept, you know it’s a possible winner. In this case, they were not smiling, but laughing out loud. What did we do?

We turned the compressor range into a gang of cowboys, one for each model, their size reflecting the pressure ranges they were made for. Fans of the Lucky Luke comics might recognize the Daltons.

a launch with stopping power

The advantage? True stopping power and the message that you are offered a complete range. The headline reflects the imagery and stresses the fact that all compressors are all equally good: this town is big enough for all of us.

The copy is written in the matching direct, light tone of voice, but conveys the key message: oil-free rental range, new model, new pressure level available.


Adding some more bar

Internally, we took the concept a step further and hinted at a famous Western. Colleagues knew the development of the new model took longer than expected; and they knew the model did not look that great on the outside. By hinting at those issues with a big smile, we avoided they would be talked about too much.

Included in the product launch toolbox, were, in Western style:

  • introduction movie
  • website with quiz questions about the oil-free range
  • presentation templates
  • a canvas to project
  • Western gadgets for the launch team
  • posters
  • advertisements
  • product leaflet and brochures

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