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Being honest and consistent: your strategy

Consistently promoting your employer brand. Making applying seamless. That is how you connect with talent nowadays.

  • Occasional job ads
  • Social updates once in a while
  • Job boards
  • A fun picture of colleagues with a creative headline
  • 'Come and work for us'

Have you noticed lately that you fail to attract the right people like this? Join the club. It gets even more difficult when you are not an attractive and well-known consumer brand.

The war for talent is in full swing: recruitment is tough. Social media don’t help, instead, they tend to make your battle field larger, more complex and fundamentally different.

And, let’s face it, we’ve all become so impatient on our mobile phones.

What HR experiences, is that one way traffic is broken as a communication model

Our apps have made us used to convenience and instant dialogue. This means people demand from you the same, well, service levels.

What is my employer brand?

Your employer brand is the set of rational and emotional associations candidates have of you as employer.

It’s based on every way they have come, come and will come into contact with your company.

  • Your sector is in the news
  • A colleague likes a LinkedIn update
  • Somebody works with your product or service
  • A page shows up - or doesn’t - when a candidate looks for a job
  • Your website’s ‘about’ section

It does not matter whether you control all of these touch points. But for the ones you do, you should try to be there with your employer brand.

And when candidates are looking for a job, or are considering to, your offering should appear too.

The heart of your story is your unique identity as employer - your value proposition - being presented in an open, attractive, honest and authentic way

That is how you can stand out in the war for talent.

A candidate’s journey

An ad with a job offering would only reach people already looking for a new opportunity. Attracting talent involves reaching out to people that haven’t heard of you yet too.

A candidate’s journey starts with a first 'meet'; then the 'greet' and if everything goes according to plan, the 'greet' becomes an application. Every step requires its own set of media, metrics and creation.

The candidate does not know you, or has a wrong or incomplete image of you. The right message here makes him or her want to get to know you.

Triggered by your offering, he or she wants to have a look at the jobs you have in store, especially the ones within his/her field of interest. Make sure you talk about what’s in it for your candidate, and what it’s like to work for your company.

Your candidate is convinced by your offering, finds a matching job and decides to apply.

Your employees are your employer brand

If an employer brand is unique today, and authentic, it is because it reflects reality. Ideally, it’s made real by many of your employees, but a team of ambassadors would be a great start.

That is your strategy’s core: your stories come straight from the work floor.

Not just because people would quickly know that you’re not being ‘real’. But to maintain the effort and consistently publish stories, you need a team with an editorial strategy and approach.

And your most enthusiastic colleagues make for great story tellers and editors.

Keep up the good work and you’ll stand out in the war for talent

We can learn a lot - understatement - from traditional media like magazines when it comes to consistent publishing.

Your career website as the Netflix of HR

Think for a moment of how we have become used to mobile convenience. Now compare using your favourite apps to applying for a job on your website.

Your career website should meet all of today’s requirements, technically and contentwise:

  • responsive
    works fine for all screen sizes
  • optimized for search engines
    SEO and SEA ready
  • follow the candidate’s journey
    follow the candidate’s journey
  • rich pages
    with various media, regular updates
  • seamless applications
    easy, personal, candidate-centric
  • analytics
    optimize your website and channels based on data
  • your story, brilliantly published
    accessible and engaging

Aim for becoming the Netflix of HR and you’re the one dealing the punches in the war for talent

Social media as traffic generator

Social media are part of your media strategy, and they to occupy their very own spot in the candidate’s journey.

For one, you have to be ready there to answer questions from people and deal with responses.

But you should also only play ‘away’ when you are sure your home, your career website, is ready.

Because then your social updates, organically and paid, will work as traffic drivers to your stories and job pages. And if your website is all set content-wise, you have plenty to talk about in social.

So. Will your ambassadors and along with them, ever more colleagues, like and share your updates? It’s a sign they find themselves in your stories, and they will be more likely to contribute.

There’s your competitive advantage in the war for talent.

How would your employer branding strategy work out?

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