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How we made a cross between a cat, a label press and Darwin

Convincing ‘analog’ minds of going digital with their way of working, may sound like something obvious and easy to pull off nowadays. How many industries have gone before us? Retail. Music. Or Tourism, just to name a few.

Not so in the world of label printing, where offset still rules, though digital is rapidly growing.

That is great news for our client Xeikon, a true challenger in the digital label printing market, and inventor of the LED array and dry toner printing technology. Part of the digital division of Flint Group, by the way.

The trick is, though, to convince label printers to go Xeikon. How? By standing out – rationally and emotionally.

B2B ratio: goal versus technology

It would be wrong to simply try to convince our printing specialists ‘to go digital’: the means is not the goal.

The goal would be to stay flexible, agile and ready to tackle challenges in your market: short runs, more complex demands, more demanding customers or quickly starting in new segments – shifts that make offset slow and expensive.

Enter Xeikon’s digital Cheetah technology, that spawned the world’s fastest label presses in the quality league, offering optimal flexibility and profitability.

The world was already familiar with the first cheetah, though, the CX3. How could we present it as a true eye catcher on Label Expo, the world’s biggest professional label printing event?

B2B emotion: what if you can’t keep up with change?

The perfect trigger would be to tap into the emotion that the label world is changing fast and that keeping up is key. There’s a word for that: adaptation. If your environment is shifting, so should you.

It’s what made a cheetah evolve into such an incredibly fast animal, Darwin would argue.

Combining the qualities of digital technology, the Cheetah label press and evolution gave us exactly that: a way to adapt and transform your business.


The sum: a feline label transformer

We used parts of the Cheetah label press and built an awesome Cheetah ‘transformer’ with them. That’s how powerful communication can be, when ratio and emotion are aligned.

The animal ‘breathes’ power, speed and agility, and is instantly recognizable as Xeikon technology. Label press specialists will get that its parts come from a machine too.

The message: get yourself one of those and catch up with our changing world.

Do you dare?

This creation was an exploration, a concept we made for Xeikon. The animal itself is yet to be released into the wild.


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