Tuesday, 16 January 2018 - 2 minute read

Customer segmentation is dead. Long live personas

Who needs expensive and time-consuming customer segmentation, when you can have accurate and flexible buyer personas? That’s right: no one.

“Wait, what’s a buyer persona?” Glad you asked.

A persona is a semi-fictional portrait of your ideal customer. Semi-fictional? That means it’s imaginary, yet grounded in reality. It’s not the story of one specific client or prospect. It’s the combination of carefully researched data and personally colored stories.

Define your buyer personas based on needs

Crucially, buyer personas allow you to communicate one-to-few, instead of one-to-many. That means no more mass communication, but tailored messages that inform your prospects before, during and after their decision.

In other words, buyer personas help you provide answers and translate USPs into effective acts of communication.

To achieve that level of relevance, you’ll need to know exactly what your audience wants. And when they want it.

That means answering questions like:

  • Whose needs are we actually defining? Sales? Production? Management?
  • Do their needs change during the decision-making process?
  • Who determines which needs are prioritized above others?


Every stakeholder brings a piece of the persona puzzle

Ideally, the strategic exercise to profile your (prospective) customer base includes as many stakeholders as possible. That means someone should be present from marketing, sales, but also customer service and management.

Supported by our inbound marketing expertise – a persona workshop will help you determine your company’s focus, who you’re communicating with, what their challenges are and, most importantly, where they’re headed.

Attract, nurture, automate

With your buyer personas in place, you’ve built the foundation that will shape your communication strategy.

The next step is to attract and nurture leads by feeding them the right content, at the right time.

Marketing tools like Hubspot can even automate that process, based on the online behavior of your target audience.

Take your personas on a personalized journey

Once you’ve consolidated all relevant information in a few well-crafted buyer personas, you can develop a communication strategy that answers their needs seamlessly.

No more outdated technology. No more expensive databases. No more customer segmentation.

Backed by marketing automation data, we can help you develop and guide your personas through the buyer journey.

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