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Know your audience

How do you reach thousands of people who want to go door-to-door for a steady, but limited, source of income? First step: change perception and boost appreciation of the activity itself – both inside and outside the organization.

Afterwards you can convince job seekers by advertising true and clear-cut benefits that are readily applicable to their situation. This principle forms the base of our long-term communication strategy for BD myShopi – an international marketing and logistics company.

The goal? Attract as many independent distributors as possible.


Distributors of promotional material walk, bike or drive around to deliver flyers and other advertisements to your mailbox. (Unless you have a no advertising-sticker, that is.)

Not a glamorous job but a reliable way to earn some extra money while being outside, engaging in social contact and working on your own timetable.

Thanks to the dedicated Craft persona*-flow our team ran through, we were able to identify BD myShopi’s three most important personas:

*A persona is a semi-fictional portrait of your ideal employee. Semi-fictional? That means it’s imaginary, yet grounded in reality. It’s not the story of one specific colleague or applicant. It’s the combination of carefully researched data and personally colored stories.


Retired (postal) workers

Still physically fit enough to work at their own pace, retirees frequently desire more contact with their neighbors.

Hard-nosed entrepreneurs

Already in possession of an independent statute, these self-employed workers have the time and resources necessary at their disposal.

Struggling breadwinners

People in economic difficulties often struggle to keep a job or set up a professional network – this job offers a reliable step up.


Each persona was analyzed in-depth to uncover their professional needs, desires and values. The following discussions with BD myShopi helped shape both a comprehensive external communication plan as well as a collections of internal communication recommendations to improve retention.


Step 1: What’s in a name?

“That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." We have to disagree with William Shakespeare’s Romeo on this one. While the nature of a distributor’s job will stay virtually unchanged, a more appreciative title has real-life consequences. That’s why we transformed distributors into Promo Couriers.

  • Unlike the rather vague distributors, Promo Couriers deliver promotional material. End of story.
  • Promo Couriers immediately become part of the respectable tradition of messengers. It demands excellence and respect from couriers and colleagues alike.
  • Because of our culturally diverse audience, translation matters. A lot. Promo Courier works in every language. Almost. (We see you, Spain.)


Step 2: To choose is to lose

Translation, sure, but a culturally diverse target audience presents other challenges as well: representation, for instance. In essence, you have three options: don’t show any people, show a whole lot of people, or make an abstraction.

Our team decided to go for the latter and draw each persona as an easily identifiable archetype. Why illustrate them in comic book style? To lower the threshold. To be universally understood.

Each character quickly took on a life of their own, so it felt only natural to give them a name. Meet Dynamic Danny, Practical Paula and Keen Charles. (Note the alliteration, an homage to the classic Belgian comic book series Suske en Wiske.)



Step 3: Attract talent with tailored personas 

Why did Danny, Paula and Charles become Promo Couriers? In other words, which benefits works for which target audience? The key was to find other reasons than just money. Because, in all honesty, you won’t get rich by working as a Promo Courier.
What it does give you, however, is a chance to work at your own pace, close to your own home. It helps you exercise outside and gives you a sense of community. In the end we decided upon a three-tiered structure, with the middle-part tailored to each persona:


Looking for a reliable extra income in your neighborhood?

Dynamic Danny
was looking for respect and recognition

Practical Paula
wanted financial security for her family

Keen Charles
missed the social contact of before

Become Promo Courier on www.promocourier.be


The next challenge was to get the right message to the right people at the right time. Luckily, HR marketing is steadily catching up to the trend of moving from print to digital advertising.

However, since jobs are often linked to a specific location, casting a wide net on the web could seem like a waste of potential. This, of course, is a fallacy. Any data team worth its chops – and ours certainly is – targets LinkedIn, Facebook and banner ads more accurately than any newspaper ever could. Not to mention digital campaigns cost less and are more easily optimized for future success.

With 3 clearly defined target audiences, a fitting call-to-action and a compelling visual style in its toolbox, our data team went to work. The result? A highly-effective mix of digital and paper media that led thousands of people to our brand-new website and stimulated them to fill in the application form.


Profit: We love it when a plan comes together

Words, images, channels – without a solid strategic foundation each element runs the risk of getting lost in the maelstrom. That’s why we started the cooperation with a solid plan in the back of our minds.

From our copywriter following a Promo Courier for a day, over a series of in-depth workshops, to a fully-functional website. All of it in a beautiful visual style, surrounded by easily-translatable, actionable words.

The proof remains in the pudding. So, did we reach our goal?

Of course we did: 122,177 unique visitors filled in 13,090 forms in 6 months.


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