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Two times a year, BBC meets with other B2B-agencies from the E3-network to discuss trending topics, share interesting cases and inspire each other. In May, the network holds its yearly "Best of International" award. In this creativity competition, held in Oxford on May 25th, 28 agencies rewarded the best campaigns from 2018-2019.

Since we like to shake things up a bit, we presented not one, but 5 distinct projects BBC ran for DS Smith, a leading British-based international packaging business. The result not only showcased the expertise within BBC but also how international collaboration within the network can bring our work to new heights (and new places too!).

Five challenges, three collaborations, and one happy customer

A global player in corrugated packaging solutions, DS Smith stands as one of BBC’s key customers. Throughout our year-long partnership, we’ve worked with them to realize strategic goals and overcome major challenges. Five of those formed the basis for the campaigns that won us the gold prize.

Challenge 1

Enable a global decentralized workforce to deliver relevant sales experiences.
What we created: A personalized sales experience, rolled out across 13 countries.

Challenge 2

Position DS Smith as a thought leader, providing regional marketing teams with a steady stream of content.
What we created: A multilingual blog containing insights for our three relevant target groups.


Challenge 3

Leverage high-value insights to generate leads for different teams.
What we created: Three comprehensive whitepapers promoted through different online channels.

Challenge 4

Develop a creative concept supporting the renewed corporate brand identity for DS Smith.
What we created: A concept bringing DS Smith out of the "commodity seller " box.

Challenge 5

Roll out an Account Based Marketing plan to generate new leads within 2 global strategic accounts.
What we created: A wealth of assets to celebrate collaboration, show alignment and display innovation.

Curious to see how this all worked out in creation? Watch the video below.

Small country, big reach

What can we learn from all of this? In essence our case proves that, even from a tiny place like Belgium, you can create powerful campaigns for international clients. As long as you get the trust to try out new routes, and a network to support when necessary, there’s really no place you can’t go.

Do you have an international B2B project on your hands and looking for a partner? Be sure to contact us.

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