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Shake up that B2B sales routine

Meet bylt, BBC’s shiny new spin-off dedicated to delivering enhanced B2B sales experiences on top of the leading sales enablement platform Showpad.

Quite the logical next step for BBC after years of partnering up with Showpad, and years of witnessing the death of the traditional sales pitch in B2B.

Bylt is a straightforward and urgent invitation “to shake up that sales routine.”


120 slides don’t cut it anymore

B2B customers today progress more than 70% of the way through the decision-making process before ever engaging a salesperson.

The problems B2B buyers face are highly complex, and the decisions at stake involve hundreds of thousands of euros and numerous stakeholders, each with different rationale within their organization.

Sales on the other end of the meeting table are facing a lot more competition and more complex issues to tackle. So how could they possibly get their offer across with a 120-page slide deck crammed into a 15-minute meeting at best?

They don’t.
And it marks the end of the classic sales pitch in B2B.


Helping B2B buyers buy is the new B2B selling

Showpad’s stunning journey as a company proves there’s a very specific need in sales being addressed with their complete and flexible sales enablement platform.

BBC’s launch of bylt fulfills a specific B2B need to create and deliver highly personalized and engaging buyer experiences.

B2B sellers can now enjoy content at their fingertips that is smart, engaging, buyer-centric and fully adaptable to talking points that come up in a meeting.

Other special offering includes custom calculators, 3D, AR and VR experiences to showcase products, personalized offer builders, product and services configurators for custom quotes, guided selling stories, and more.

That is how you tell relevant buyer stories.
And make them remarkable.


Getting everybody on board

Bylt believes in the involvement of all stakeholders, in the process of creating the best buyer experience. In its very hands-on way, the firm makes sure content management, streamlining, translating and syncing it to all your Showpad users happens hassle-free.

Just ask GoodYear, DS Smith, DHL, G4S, Atlas Copco or Proximus. They have been happy with how bylt has managed to make everybody happy with Showpad.


Showpad Certified

As a certified and awarded Showpad Solutions Partner, bylt helps customers in creating proven, remarkable experiences on top of Showpad.

With offices in Ghent, London & Munich - the same locations where Showpad is present - bylt is there for companies across Europe.

“As a B2B creative agency, we are always looking to help our customers in the best possible way to bring their message to their buyer,” says Jordan Audenaert, managing partner of BBC.

“With Showpad, we have the best platform to transform our creative ideas into remarkable experiences that impress the buyers of our customers.”

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