Tuesday, 26 June 2018 - 4 minute read

Showpad launches its partner program today. And we are excited to announce that BBC is a certified Showpad Solutions Partner. We have been partnering with Showpad from the beginning, but since last year our collaboration has picked up and expanded. And to be honest: it has been a blast.



Does this actually change anything?
Good question. The answer is yes. But also, no.

Yes, because...

We now have even better support from the partner team, product teams, marketing, sales, customer success, … than ever before. Not only via video calls, but also through regular meetings at Showpad HQ.

When BBC comes up with new ideas or creative ways to use Showpad, we can connect with the lead developers & product managers more easily. Additionally, we will be more aware of new features coming to the platform and how we can apply those changes to our customers projects.

The certification is also proof of our investment in the Showpad platform and partnership. We always try a lot of new things before we launch any new idea for a customers. Thank to this certification, prospects and customers can be sure they are being guided by a partner that is approved by Showpad.

No, because...

We’ve been working with Showpad for years. Since last year our relationship has grown tremendously, even without the partner program.

The best buyer experience wins. Period. Showpad know this, and we do too. We both have been working on this for years, each in our own field. And we both have our strategy to help B2B companies delivering that best experience. Every day. 

The certification is one thing, but our customer cases are something else. The way we work together, analyze the entire buyer journey and make sure we help sales with the right content: that’s what it’s all about.

Ambitious goals, new hires

BBC is on a roll. And we believe in what we’re creating. That’s why we want to expand our team even further. In the last 2 weeks BBC hired 4 people. And we’re still looking for 4 more.

Art directors, content creators, ux/ui designers, front-end developers – they’re all welcome to join BBC, so we can proceed to grow our international customer base and keep creating remarkable work - including Showpad experiences. Want to be part of this journey? Just let us know.

It's going to be a crazy ride, but we’re ready. Are you?

Do you want to get in touch?
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Here we go!

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