Thursday, 4 January 2018 - 2 minute read

At BBC, we think deeper relationships with our partners lead to more possibilities for our customers. With Showpad, we aim to reshape the sales experience for the end customer.

This is what happens when you put value at the center.

Extending the path of personalization

Marketing today runs on personalization. Throughout the buyer journey, it’s about knowing who your audience is, what’s driving them and what arguments you should bring up. The better you are at doing that, the more likely it’ll result in a sales meeting.

But then, things change.

At the sales pitch, the path of personalization is still too often forgotten – or abandoned. Sometimes because of a lack of awareness, sometimes because the means aren’t there to do it in a systematic and powerful way.

With Showpad and Pathways, that changes.

Pathways: Personalize your Pitch

Pathways is a BBC service that uses Showpad to deliver personalized sales experiences. It’s a purposefully made story that collects the relevant assets you have, and puts them into an order and context that’s relevant for the specific persona in front of you.

Offer builders
to reduce the workload of your sales team and make them more productive
Guided selling stories
to make sure you bring the right information to the right person at the right time 
Component builders
to create personal setups of your products in a visual way with 3D, VR & AR
Interactive calculators
to create tailor-made calculations, save them and track them afterwards
Cutting-edge experiences
to impress your audience and empower the story your sales team brings 


The result is a much more natural and valuable conversation, because it starts from the customer’s challenges and aspirations, not your company’s elevator pitch.

Using our experience in creating communication for the entire customer journey, we also make sure to include the right call to actions, and opportunities for your conversation partner to take the next step.

Show, don't tell

Do you want to know how we tackle Showpad projects? How we bring the power of the platform to your marketing & sales team - with a story tailored to your needs? And how we can help you with the integration of our experiences with other platforms, such as Salesforce? Discover how we partnered with Showpad and get a sneak peak.

Want to know more, just contact us or book a call so we can talk about your challenge, idea or project. We're already looking forward to talk to you and to help you get the most out of your Showpad project.


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