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Are you writing a blog to support your lead generation? You’re not alone. Throughout B2B, marketers are becoming uncomfortably aware of so-called content saturation. But does that mean we all need to forget about content as a marketing strategy? Far from, we just need to get better.

By avoiding these 4 pitfalls, you’re a bit closer to scoring a homerun with your content.

Not on persona

In the religion of inbound marketing, not writing your content towards a certain persona counts as a mortal sin. (Right after not knowing what a persona is.)

It’s easy to understand why. Because writing for an archetypical customer helps you in two ways:

One, it requires you to think about your audience and choose a focus for your piece.

Two, it helps your audience feeling engaged more directly – building a more direct rapport.

So, next time you start writing, stick a picture of your ideal customer to your monitor and give your piece the focus and personality it needs!

Not enough value

Less content with more value, that’s where digital marketing is heading to today.

It’s not just about being out there with another listicle anymore, it’s about helping your audience in a more meaningful way.

This requires you to dig deeper into your persona than ever before. What does your prospect want to achieve? What kind of information is he or she looking for?

This can be a tool, a video or a blogpost – all mediums are still relevant.

Only if you ask yourself: “does this really help our would-be customers?” and the answer is “yes”, is your content good to go.



No brand correlation

I personally feel particularly strongly about this one.

It’s what a lot of companies get wrong, and it’s what silently kills their brand and its credibility.

Because even if your content targets the right persona and has value, it will fall flat if it doesn’t reflect what you stand for.

You need to own the space you talk about. Otherwise, you will lack the natural authority and your content will look opportunistic.

With Jacobs Douwe Egberts Professional, we established a direct link between coffee and productivity, motivation, image and job excellence throughout our branding. Hence, it made sense to also start talking about these topics.

It allowed us to address more meaningful topics while still staying within our brand and coffee realm.

If we hadn’t made the link in our branding, it just wouldn’t have been credible.

No defined goal

Each piece of content you put out needs to have its particular goal. If it doesn’t, it shouldn’t be out there in the first place.

Imagine your prospects are moving through a funnel in a stream, with the end of the funnel being the sale. Every one of them is consuming content as they go, progressing gradually towards the end.

In this metaphor, each piece of content needs to move our audience further downstream – never up.

This could mean a blog article leading to a whitepaper download page, a page listing and comparing your various solutions, or page to secure a meeting with sales.

By attributing a goal to each piece of content, you keep that delicious stream of customers going.

Hit your content homerun

It’s clear: creating content that ticks all the right boxes is no walk in the park.

Figure you could use some help? Count on our experts to support you in content strategy, execution and promotion.

Let’s make this a team effort. Get in touch!

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