Ever since someone invented the mail pigeon, marketing and technology have been linked closely together. And as technologies grew, opportunities have grown right along with them.

This is how we turn solid ideas into campaigns that hit their mark.

Mastered the essentials

When you look at the marketing technology landscape, there are some tools that are so vital every agency should know how to use them (really, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise).

These are the tools we use so intensively, we even gave them their own desk chair:

  • Google AdWords and Analytics
    The dynamic duo of a small search engine company called Google. Help people find their way to your page with the right search terms, and track the performance of your website and campaigns.
  • LinkedIn and Facebook
    Two social networks, sure, but so rich in possibilities and features you could call them tools of their own. Distribute content to the right people, increase the exposure of a campaign, and see who’s biting.
  • HubSpot
    Another tech giant from the US and A. Convert relevant visitors that access content on your website to leads, and nurture them until they’re satisfied customers. Everybody happy!

Growing partnerships

At BBC, there’s one thing we love more than the perks of being a partner: actually being a partner. To work together to create new applications, to access new insights, and to improve results all fit our idea of a technological thrill.

It’s not about the licenses and sales either, but about the possibilities and value for you. We strongly believe that’s what’s best in the long run. For you, for us, and our partners.

  • LinkedIn EMEA Partner
    As professionals, we need to get professional about our cooperation with the social network for professionals. And so, we innovate our services, study up on best practices, and help customers like you reach their audience.
  • HubSpot Gold Partner
    If HubSpot was a cult, we’d been drinking the Koolaid a long time ago. We owe our Gold Partner status to running a number of successful inbound projects for our customers, and to their excellent support.
  • Showpad Strategic Partner EMEA
    A sales enablement tool we like so much, we decided to revolutionize the way sales teams use them. As a result, we are now the only strategic partner for Showpad in our region. Check out our Pathways update to learn more.

A constant discovery

Marketing technology is a constant journey of discovery. Like a dog excitedly roaming the streets, we sniff, gauge and play with any new tool that crosses our path.

Here are some interesting technologies we work with – a list that gets updated on a regular basis:

  • CX Social (previously Engagor)
    Listen to what your customers have to say about you and engage with them directly
  • Smarp
    Use your employees as content ambassadors and reach thousands
  • Double Click
    Connect with customers everywhere from one single platform
  • Klipfolio
    Get an overview of your campaign’s performance across channels
  • Adobe Marketing Cloud
    An alternative for Google and Hubspot services, among others
  • Sigstr
    Exploit the opportunity of a prized piece of screen real estate: the email signature
  • Unbounce
    Build better landing pages and increase the number of conversions on your site

Want to talk tech?

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