Go global, talk local.

Are you looking for a reliable partner to help you set up and launch international communication campaigns? That’s what BBC is for. With years of experience under our belt and a strong international network to lean on, we take can care of your international communication – from Germany to China.

International experience, you say?

Make no mistake: international audiences are within your reach. At BBC we take care of smooth, successful international communication for more than half of our clientele. From paper to digital, we break through linguistic and cultural barriers with ease. Everything to reach the right audience at the right time.

Part of a strong network

Of course, we know that experience is not enough. You have to be able to count on local partners too. Local partners that know the language, the culture and the context as no other. Since 1999, BBC has been the only Belgian partner of E3 – an international agency network that covers the entire globe. It allows us to offer you:

The correct translation

Want to build a trade show booth in America? Send a direct mail to Germany? Our local partners analyze all communication and run a culture check to ensure that your message resonates, wherever it’s broadcast.

Up to date best practices

A cohesive network of creative agencies is the ideal environment to share innovative ideas and successful strategies. The very best? We’d love to implement them for you.

Trust and cooperation

Some projects are so complex that a higher degree of cooperation is needed, from strategy to collaboration and execution. BBC knows the local partners personally and E3 can vouch for every single one of them.

All of our international services
in a nutshell

Search & traffic generation

The right keywords, the best ads. From Google to XING and Baidu. Always on the most appropriate platform for your message.

Print media

With extensive knowledge of the local media landscape, we place your adverts in the most relevant magazines and newspapers.

Campaigns and trade fairs

Internationally conceived and coordinated with local support. The best of both worlds.

Brand check

Is the name of your brand or product fit for the local markets? We analyze your choice culturally and linguistically.

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