Create your talent connection

Looking for a better way to attract and engage talent? Put the candidate first. Tell stories and create processes that continuously pull in talented new employees, rather than pushing out periodic messages. With Craft, you can take things step by step: an employer brand that reflects your unique identity, a strategy that moves from push to pull, and a plan to make it happen.

It’s the one way to grow your employer brand and talent pool for the long run.

Make a lasting connection with your talent, start Crafting.


make it mutual

Your ideal candidate is out there. But first, it’s time to put the right elements in place. A clear definition of your identity and value as an employer, for instance, and a deep understanding of who it is you’re targeting.

Add a solid communication plan to the mix, and you’ll have Mr. and Mrs. Right knocking on your door before you’ve said “online recruitment process”.


keep it fresh

Great internal communication solidifies your talent efforts. To your employees, it’s a constant reminder of who you are and why they’re working for you. To you, it’s a surefire way to align and grow the precious talent you have.

Foster your unique culture, and turn your group into a team.

Serious. Crazy. Calculated.

Craft is a proven, step-by-step process that helps you establish a lasting connection with talent inside and outside the company. Founded on strategy, fueled by creativity and accelerated by technology, Craft forges an effective communication mix that continuously attracts and engages just the right people.


Let’s get serious before we get crazy

Is your current employer brand distinct enough? Which steps do people take before they become a candidate? With Craft, you’ll increase your understanding of who you are, who you’re looking for and when you need to engage.


Reinforcing reason with emotion

Captivate your audience and stand out, with a messaging mix that is both memorable and uniquely you. A score of Crafty Crafters delivers what you need, and what you want.


Helped by, not defined by

Widen reach, narrow targeting, increase conversion. The right tools don’t only get your message across, they get results.

Start Crafting

Stuck in a daily rush? Craft helps you to pause and think. To do things differently. To take deliberate steps towards a better connection with talent inside and outside your company.

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