Nurturing B2B leads for Samsung on LinkedIn?

B2B strategy, the buzzword that never seems to materialize. Especially in combination with LinkedIn. Rarely do we get some real answers on how to generate B2B business with content, with a brand.

What Kristina says about content

‘If better content means better business, why then is it always last on everyone’s to do list?’

Not our words, but Kristina Halverson’s. (Go ahead, Google her when you want to read useful stuff on content strategy that might be a bit confrontational.)

Not the case with Samsung, though.

We’re actually making a content strategy work on LinkedIn with them, based on genuine goals and a B2B lead nurturing strategy. We reach professional target groups with a clearly positioned offer; show decision makers the way to a choice for Samsung.

Mind you, that’s us with Samsung, not for. Here’s your second content lesson in your first minute here: content is always a messy business. It requires intense cooperation. Content strategy even manages to align management, sales and marketing, when done right. Bonus.

The brief: lead generation on LinkedIn

Entrepreneurs and business owners. ICT managers. Professional users with ambition, working on their business plans, in charge of their start-up.

Could we reach out to them with our Samsung vision, our technology, our solutions?
Become top of mind.
Make them choose us?

Samsung as a B2B brand?

First we grasp what that world famous consumer brand means as a B2B brand. Through sessions in workshops we come to a brand book: value and values, identity, tone of voice and art direction within existing brand guidelines.

To optimize relevance and recognition.
Specifically for every persona, carefully crafted after intense intakes and research.

Samsung for Business on LinkedIn

That proposition and those personas are the basis for our storylines. Those are the messages we’ll drive home time and again, to convince target groups of our value.

Infrastructure. Workforce and mobility. Connectivity. Safety. Privacy. We tackle challenges, set out to really help professionals and show how Samsung can make them move forward. We tie into society and business trends with content on The Next Mobile Economy and work & culture shifts.

Important: integrate the Samsung calendar. Launches, events, PR, business focus per quarter, they all get their place in planning and become stories too, within formats and topics.

That is how we get content out there consistently every week and how we maintain our efforts, which is crucial for any content strategy.

B2B content formats for every channel

In terms of look and feel we create content formats: fixed visual and textual shapes for our stories. To reinforce recognition and consistency. Formats are not content types likes video or a carousel, rather, they are fixed ways to tell a story, like ‘Weekly Number’ or ‘Set-up for Success’.

They work on the Samsung blogs, where we direct our traffic to, and across our social channels, which we use as brand embassies.

LinkedIn for lead nurturing

What makes this approach stand out: we don’t use LinkedIn to reach ‘cold’ contacts. We only target professionals that have already been warmed to Samsung in other channels.

LinkedIn allows for highly narrowed segmentation and targeting. In combination with organic and paid updates we aim for optimal reach and nurturing.

Which can we tracked and optimized accurately.

The results are in

Does it work? It does. Since the start of our strategy

  • the number of professional Samsung followers on LinkedIn
    has grown in 2 years with almost 300%
  • follower demography proves we are reaching out to the right professionals
    including Sales, Business Development, Operations, IT, Engineering
  • content is effective: impressions are lower due to the more narrow targeting but
    click-through rate and engagement have gone up significantly

Now that we are using LinkedIn as B2B remarketing channel in 2020, content should do its magic even better than before.

B2B marketing strategy on LinkedIn

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