How to cater for a hard-to-reach audience with a B2B marketing mix

Ceres is one of Belgium’s leading providers of flour and cereal products. They aim to be more than just a producer and supplier though, and want to establish a brand identity as both a passionate and skilled partner for artisan bakers.

The bakers work in a traditional way and many of them don’t use digital channels, so how do you get through to this hard-to-reach audience?

Content marketing fit for purpose

Ceres is more than just a B2B flour producer and distributor. It’s a brand that bakers can rely on for:

  • advice (including recipes, but also business and marketing tips)
  • POS promotion to help appeal to customers inside their bakeries
  • training events.


A company taking up this wider role, needs to effectively propagate this towards clients.

The Ceres website used to be static: it clearly presented their range of flour and cereal products, but did not include any content to build their brand. A blog, event promotion or any other type of timely marketing content did not feature on the website.

“BBC is our trusted and creative partner, and I do mean partner! We work together as a team and this results in clear, beautiful, creative and inspiring campaigns.”

– Isabelle Kiekens, Head of Marketing & Products – Ceres

Ceres and BBC have been collaborating for 10 years and have successfully introduced content marketing to better reach their audience. Together, we have rolled out a proven B2B marketing strategy based on:

  • In-depth understanding of personas:

Ceres caters for a niche audience: artisan bakers in Belgium. We have learned, for example, that Ceres agents are the most important communication channel for bakers. Just under half of the bakers visit Ceres’ website and just over half of them promote their bakeries through a Facebook page. These audience insights are crucial in crafting a B2B marketing strategy for Ceres.

  • A multichannel approach:

There’s not one way to reach this audience. A mix of traditional and digital marketing is needed: from POS promotion delivered by agents to bakeries around the country, to event marketing, social media, online articles and baking videos.

  • A dedicated team of Project Managers, Copywriters and Graphic Designers:

Running a company includes a shed load of tasks. That’s why Ceres counts on BBC for content creation. Each month, a dedicated team of Project Managers, Copywriters and Graphic Designers delivers high-quality content consistent with the Ceres style and brand values.

  • Attention for food and marketing trends:

Marketing needs to be timely and relevant, so as part of their package Ceres gets assets to promote new products like seasonal bread offerings or their gluten free mix, as well as articles helping bakers move into the digital age.

  • Fully bilingual content:

Ceres works for French-speaking as well as Dutch-speaking bakers in Belgium. By always providing content in both languages, BBC makes sure it is fit for all their clients and prospects.

Communicating through a wealth of channels, B2B and B2C

Ceres takes its activities beyond supplying flour and industry content to bakers. They have set up a B2C quality label ‘De Warme Bakker’ (The Artisan Baker) as well, to support artisan bakers by helping them show their skill and authenticity to consumers through a dedicated website, Facebook page, print promotion and more.

This means Ceres and BBC effectively market to two different audiences through two different brands: Ceres channels are used for communication as a flour supplier to bakers (B2B); and there’s creating awareness and sharing information from artisan bakers to consumers through ‘De Warme Bakker’ (B2C).

What does this double strategy amount to?

Assets for Ceres:

  • Ceres agents and bakers get tangible support:

full-service print promotion like leaflets, displays, product information…

  • Online ordering and digital services:
    Ceres serves bakers digitally through e-commerce and with information on
  • Increased brand awareness and popularity:
    through website content and the Ceres Soufflet Facebook page. The content is guaranteed to come in regularly, to follow the right design and tone-of-voice, and to be of interest for this specific B2B audience.
  • Marketing support for events:
    we provide Ceres with paper as well as digital invitations for bakers, manage online information and registrations and take care of Facebook promotion.

Results from De Warme Bakker:

  • Awareness for cereal products, bread and baking:
    a platform from Ceres to consumers through
  • Image building and marketing support for artisan bakers:
    through the website and the French and Dutch speaking Facebook pages for The Artisan Baker, including delicious videos and articles.
  • Customer appeal:
    through stylish brochures, recipe leaflets, stickers and more.

Trying to reach a challenging B2B audience?

Impossible is nothing! We can’t expect each audience to be digitally savvy. And there might be other issues, like clients located in various countries speaking a multitude of languages.

We’ve learned that with a well-defined B2B strategy, the right amount of creativity and tools to meet your company goals, you can effectively reach your B2B audience.

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