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Reaching your marketing goals is a matter of telling the right story, from start to finish. Our services help you turn your brand and objectives into unique stories that sell.

The power of stories

If marketing is the art of changing mindsets and influencing behavior, how do you do that exactly?

If you want your audience to think you’re the most innovative kid on the block, how do you plant that idea in their minds? How do you convince them to pick your solution at the end of a long and arduous buyer’s journey?

It took the smartest cognitive scientists, marketing experts and spin doctors to come up with the simplest answer: stories.

Stories help us make sense of the world. They help us make a connection between one thing, and the outcomes we’re looking for. They connect with us on an emotional level, and turn that connection into some real results.

And yes, especially in B2B.

Read this and never forget it: your audience isn’t a choice optimizing business bot without any capacity for human feeling, they are intuitive human beings desperate for a story that shows them the way.

Perfecting stories for B2B

If you’re still skeptical about stories in B2B, you have every right to be. After all, you’re not trying to establish a simple connection between deodorant and success with the opposite sex. Your customer has a complex problem, goes through different buyer stages, navigates opposing needs from different stakeholders, and takes a looong time to make a decision.

With decades of B2B experience, we devised a formula to make stories work in your field. In short, your story should be:


Picks up on the values, needs and challenges of your audience, and adds an emotional arc


Vibes with the core of your brand and all the other things you’re saying


Repeated and reinforced throughout the entire buyer journey. Break the line, and break the illusion.

Our services tell your
story from start to finish

Think of stories as messages on steroids. They tell your audience what they need to know, but also make them feel. From the moment they first learn about your brand, to their conversation with sales.

Creating one coherent story and unleashing it along the entire buyer journey is our idea of fun – and bet your bottom dollar it delivers results too.

Thanks to our signature mix of strategy, creativity, technology and performance, we can bring your story to life in the moments that matter most.

Brand & positioning

Get people to know, trust and like your brand

  • Corporate brand & identity
  • Product branding
  • Creative concepts
  • Website & digital experience

Demand generation

Drive awareness and interest in your company’s solutions

  • Inbound marketing
  • Account Based Marketing
  • SEO, SEA
  • Display and social
  • B2B PR
  • Growth acceleration
  • Marketing automation
  • Social media content & campaigns
  • Video strategy
  • B2B Media planning & buying

Sales enablement

Deliver experiences that help sales sell

  • Live & digital events
  • Keynotes & sales support
  • Showpad experiences
  • Remote selling
  • LinkedIn Business Brains

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