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Delivering campaigns that focus on specific results and very niche audiences is no small feat. So we designed an approach to get it done. We even gave it a clever acronym (hey, we’re in marketing after all).

SIEMPEL stands for Segment, Insight, Engage, Measure, Plan, Evaluate and Learn. And it’s our proven process for campaigns that start with your audience, and end with solid KPI’s.

Creative concept

Every campaign starts with an idea. A potent mix of insight and imagination that – next to answering your brief – has the power to inspire the actions you desire from your audience.

  • grab your audience’s attention
  • guide their thinking
  • and trigger a reaction

Account Based Marketing

If you’ve been in the business for a long time (guilty), you secretly know that ABM has been around for ages. Still, it takes a particular approach to land or expand a specific account. In our ABM-flow, we focus on getting it right the first time. Call on our experts to

  • Identify the best fit accounts
  • Expand contacts
  • Engage accounts on their terms
  • Create customer advocates
  • All wrapped up in in an integrated creative campaign

B2B growth marketing

Growth hacking is taking the world of marketing by storm. The principle is simple: try out as many messages and tactics as you can, and move on with the ones that work. In B2B, the picture is slightly different. With our hybrid approach, we make sure growth marketing:

  • stays compatible with complicated B2B sales cycles
  • aligns beautifully with your brand and USP’s
  • while continuing to put all the right data to use
  • and making sure you don’t get stuck doing the same things

Campaign pages

Some campaigns lead to a product or solution page, others lead to a campaign page. These pages are like turbo-boosted lead generation engines. They build on the flow of your campaign, and quickly lead to the action you want from your visitor. Like getting in touch.

[voorbeeld Xeikon campaign page]

Compass performance dashboards

The rise of digital channels has made it possible to track just about everything. Still, that doesn’t mean it’s particularly easy to do. With our custom Compass dashboards, we bring together all the metrics that matter to you, in a way that’s actually helpful.
[voorbeeld dashboard]

Run your campaigns, prove ROI

We love a long-term approach to marketing, but sometimes the pressure is on to prove results in the short run. When you feel the heat or the call of glory, you can turn to us for a solid campaign.

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There’s one more reason why content is a bit like The Beatles: by bringing their unique sound and personality, The Beatles made a lasting impact on the world. We believe your content can – no, should – do the same in your market.

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