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By now, you should know what we do best: B2B & HR marketing. Over the years BBC has become an industry-wide reference in those domains. How that came to be? Long story short, it all started in Antwerp in 1983. Over the decades BBC has changed names and locations a few times. Take your time and check out our historic infographic below.

From IMS to BBC

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€ 7.1 MM

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4 values that matter

Sure, BBC has evolved tremendously. However, 4 values have consistently stayed at the core of our business. The common theme? We find B2B and HR marketing exciting and our clients recognize, respect and enjoy that feeling.

A passion for new ideas

Inspiration is everywhere. When new ideas pop up, however crazy at first sight, we never immediately dismiss them. We take a fresh approach to every case and every question.

Execute with excellence

However strong a strategy or creation may seem on paper, if the execution is not flawless it will overshoot the mark. We strive for a superiority that comes close to perfection.

Succeed in team

All of our colleagues have one or more specialties. And we respect that. At BBC we know that you have to rely on people’s talents to succeed – in team.

A pleasure to work with

Meeting deadlines is much more fun when cooperation is good and creation and strategy fit perfectly. That's how we can promise you it will be a pleasure to do business with us.

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