Strategic insight & research

Stand out with a B2B communication strategy

Making your company stand out in the crowded B2B market nowadays means: communicating systematically, based on an integrated marketing strategy. In order to do so, you need:

  • a unique brand and identity
  • why identity and brand are indispensable jn B2B?
  • insight in your market and in the needs of your customers and prospects
  • customer segmentation, the challenge in B2B
  • your unique B2B communication strategy that fits your business
  • see below on this page

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Your unique B2B communication strategy

For your B2B marketing to be successful an integrated communication plan is vital: through your brand, identity and B2B segments you call in all necessary media to reach your target group with your proposition and covert your marketing strategy into sales.

A plan for an integrated marketing communication?

If your customers receive the same message and visual elements through different media, they will  understand you better. That's why all strategic elements in your communication plan should work together.

An example: your plan requires print advertising? Then the visual style and the intrinsic theme of the print campaign should be reflected in your website.

How do I draw up an integrated communication plan?

  • distinguish your target group(s)
    Who do you want to reach? What are their weaknesses and challenges? What does your product or service do for them? Wat are the objectives of the campaign? With specific communication we address your prospects in a more direct way and raise your response rate.
  • determine your communication strategy
    We determine where your target group meets, how we best draw its attention and how we reach the right market. A communication strategy consists of a number of actions that will convince your target group to come into action itself. Often this is the purchase of a product or service.
  • determine your (communication) targets
    We clearly define what you want to achieve through your communication. For example: intensify your corporate image towards your target group. We not only define the result but also how to measure and follow it up.
  • create the right message
    A message is successful when it meets the demands of your target group. Those are not necessarily your demands. We make it clear to your customers and prospects how they benefit from cooperating with you.
  • Put together the right promotion mix
    A B2B communication mix differs from the B2C version: in B2B personal sales are most important, supported by above and below the line activities. 'Above the line' means: communication through the 'traditional' mass media like television, radio, print… 'Below the line' consists of less visible and less common means of communication towards individuals, like e-mailings and mobile campaigns. Below the line more often occurs in B2B because it bears close resemblance to personal sales. Face-to-face interaction and a specific and customised message will lead to faster and more efficient feedback.
  • Choose the appropriate media
    Contrary to the mass media which are often used in B2C,  in B2B the emphasis lies on specialist media, professional newspapers, news letters and 'banch websites'. Mobile and web also offer lots of new opportunities to personally approach your customers and prospects: social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter...
  • Measure the result
    We measure the results of your communication and adjust if necessary. We utilize a strategy which measures these results per campaign. For direct mailings we therefore use for example unique web adresses.